Welcome to my financial independence and lifestyle blog! I created this blog to share my story of being $20k in debt at the age of 30 and achieving financial freedom by the age of 49 years old. 

My name is Rick and I recently left corporate America for a location independent lifestyle to support me and my family. I’m part of the Coast FIRE movement, but I’m far from retired! 

Coast FIRE, which is Financially Independent Retired Early (with an emphasis on having an income that pays my bills)

I’m a Gen Xer that worked the nose-to-grindstone lifestyle laid out before me. You know, graduate from high school, go to college, get a great job, get married, have kids, have a mid-life crisis at 50 and buy a Porsche, retire when you’re 62, collect social security, then hope you’re healthy enough to do the things YOU REALLY WANT TO DO IN LIFE.

Notice I didn’t say “collect a fat pension”. I’m in that lucky generation when the traditional pension got replaced by the 401k. Lucky me.

While their parents had generous pensions, Gen Xers are rapidly seeing rich employment benefits diminish. 


I loved what I did at my job and I was lucky enough to have worked several different lines of work. But it was still a job that had me locked down in one location, hoping every year I could spend my 2 precious weeks of vacation traveling the world. 

I used to work in IT, Engineering, and Corporate B2B Account Executive sales, but now I’m working from home, in a city of my choice, as a fully self-employed online freelancer, solopreneur, and contractor. 

To make my exit from Corporate America before retirement age where I can draw Social Security and Medicare, I bought and built a portfolio of websites that pay my bills (and that’s all I’m needing at this stage of my life).

If you’re wanting to start a blog and achieve the same journey, stay tuned as I explain how I made this happen now rather than at age 62.